Lyme Disease

Golden Retriever

Detoxifying and Nutrient-dense Feeding— treatment combination of fermented raw milks.

Lyme disease, and other tick borne illnesses such as Anaplasmosis, are complicated bacterial infections. Symptoms are not always present. When they do present themselves, they tend to appear long after the tick bite has occurred. When the disease is diagnosed early, antibiotics are not unreasonable, and often eradicate the organism in Lyme. However, chronic Lyme tends to exacerbate into chronic attacks. Furthermore, antibiotics may cause other health-related side-effects that need to be treated as well.

The fundamental cause of disease is inadequate nutrition. AnswersTM raw milks are very high in whole-food probiotics and provide good bacteria, which is instrumental in fighting off inflammation, healing the gut, and rebuilding the body’s immune system. Fermented raw nutrition provides blood plasma much like a blood transfusion. Nutrients go to the far corners where Spirochete, a serious pathogen or bad bacteria that causes these diseases, hides and lays dormant.

Fermented raw milks are nutrient-dense and contribute to healthy flora in the digestive system. Correcting leaky gut will allow the inflammatory response to turn off which can profoundly improve any condition permitting the immune system to work the way it was designed and not in a state of constant inflammation.

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