3 thoughts on “Official Court Filings

  1. Karen Wilbon

    I’m 100%comfortable in feeding my beautiful 10 month old mountain cur Eva Answer fermented raw food and she loves it and has no allergies and is very healthy. I hope the FDA keeps away from this company as there is no replacement for it on the market.


  2. Tina Hornbeck

    I adopted my fur baby 2 years (Zoe) ….. The lady I had adopted Zoe from fed her kibble — Zoe had very dry/flaky skin, her fur was very dull and was digging at herself. Zoe’s eyes would constantly run and always had tear stains on her face. Zoe’s poo smelled horrible and her teeth were in bad shape ( tartar, plaque) at the age of 2 from being fed kibble! ( Had Zoe’s cleaned) Now that Zoe is being fed Answers Pet food all the above mentioned are gone!!! I am also 100% comfortable feeding a Raw diet and will NEVER feed a kibble again! Thank you for making an AWESOME Raw Pet Food and I will continue feeding my Zoe girl Answers Pet Food!!!


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