Detailed™ Formula: no need to add a thing to this complete nutrition raw food choice

Our Detailed™ Formula is easy to feed because it’s a totally complete raw food choice in wholefood form. You don’t add anything to Detailed; it’s complete nutrition as it comes, as Mother Nature intended.

Detailed is complete, from meat and carrots to kefir.

Just remember: It’s all in the Detailed.

Because we get so many questions about this, we want to share the facts about Detailed™ Formula foods, from our pet-loving family to yours.

Detailed Formula: Complete food as is.

Our nutritionists and food scientists specifically formulate all Detailed Formula foods to completely meet and exceed your pet’s daily nutritional needs.

Detailed is naturally high in taurine and moisture, bioavailable nutrients include digestive enzymes, naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, and billions of probiotics for optimal health, energy, and well-being. It contains natural vitamins; no synthetic vitamins need to be added.

Repeat: Because Detailed Formula has everything a pet needs for a complete, healthy diet, you do NOT need to add any supplements or vitamins, pills or powders. Detailed makes it easy for you to give your pets the proper nutrition they need, as nature intended.

It’s a complete and balanced pet diet.

Everything good, in one bowl.

Detailed is created for ease of use without the hassle of DIY calculations and messy preparations. It’s complete and balanced nutrition for pets in all life stages. It’s 100% grain-free and gluten-free, with no fillers.

Detailed is made of 90% pasture-raised meat, organ, and bone, and 10% whole food ingredients. Including: Organically raised raw meat (livestock is pasture-raised, grassfed and grass-finished). Fermented organic vegetables (organic carrots, broccoli, green and yellow squash, green beans, spinach). Organic eggs from pasture-raised hens. Fermented cod livers, which are a natural, wholesome replacement for the use of highly-processed fish oil. High-vitamin butter to provide vitamin K2. This is a fat-balanced food, too. It also contains high quality Celtic Sea Salt©.

To know:
. +  #1 ingredient is raw meat in a 60/30/10 ratio
. +  GAP-rated sourcing
. +  Fermented organic vegetables

So, although you may have heard that you may have to add foods or supplements to some other raw food choices, the good news is this: Detailed Formula by Answers isn’t like the others. It’s complete. And, our foods also do not contain anti-nutrients, which are compounds that can come from synthetic or natural sources like beans, legumes, grains and nuts– foods that aren’t found in a pet’s natural diet, and that can therefore be hard for them to digest.

Just serve it up. Filled with good nutrition, Detailed is ready for your pet’s bowl.

Easy, right? If you’re ready for excellent, absolutely complete pet nutrition, Details Formula is your answer.

Detailed Formula choices include:

Pork: sustainably raised on GAP Step® farms
Chicken: organic and pastured-raised
Turkey: organic and pastured-raised
Beef: grassfed and grass-finished

Lystn, LLC, Manufacturer of Answers Pet Food In Response to the January 14, 2019 FDA Warning Notice

 This press release by Lystn, LLC d.b.a./ANSWERS Pet Food is in response to the January 14, 2019 Food Drug and Administration Warning Notice: “FDA Cautions Pet Owners Not to Feed One Lot of A+ Answers Straight Beef Formula for Dogs Due to Salmonella”. 

Before addressing the history and investigation behind the events leading up to the FDA’s posting of this Notice, please allow Lystn to correct a number of errors in the FDA’s Notice: 

(1) The Best Use By Date (BUBD) is incorrectly listed as 20/08 20. The correct BUBD is 02/08 20. 

(2) The statement that Lystn has recalled the affected lot in Nebraska is not correct. Lystn stopped further distribution of the lot in question working with Lystn’s distributor, retail stores and the Nebraska Department of Agriculture who reported the follow-up that the product was removed from retail store shelves. 

(3) Just one reason Lystn has not implemented a nationwide recall is because the product was only tested by the State of Nebraska and Lystn for which the test results were contradictory addressed below, and not tested by the FDA. 

The FDA Notice comments that the reason why the FDA issued this warning is because it (the product in question) represents a serious threat to human and animal health and is adulterated under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act). It is important to note that neither Lystn nor any government agency has received any report of animal or human illness. Neither the State of Nebraska nor the FDA quantified the alleged finding of Salmonella which is just one factor for consideration when defining adulterated food under the FD&C Act. The FDA uses a Compliance Policy Guide which contains Nonbinding Recommendations of a “zero tolerance” of Salmonella for enforcement. In contrast to human consumed products inspected by the USDA, a certain percentage of Salmonella is allowed (some of the same sourcing Lystn buys as ingredients for its pet food). For just some of the reasons stated below, Lystn disagrees with the FDA “zero tolerance” policy, based upon our understanding of science and the FD&C Act. For additional information on our response to the FDA and Lystn’s position on these and other raw pet food industry issues, please visit our website. Additional information is forthcoming through continued updates. 

Because Salmonella is prevalent throughout much of the food chain and in our environment, Lystn formulates ANSWERS Pet Food products to protect the pets and their owners from potential harmful bacteria using what is referred to as “Hurdle Technology”. One step of Lystn’s Hurdle Technology uses natural competitive inhibition through fermentation by inoculating our products, which favors growth of desirable (good) bacteria but inhibits the growth of pathogens (bad bacteria). This avoids destroying the benefits of good bacteria needed in the gut of the pets ingesting ANSWERS Pet food and continues to protect the pets post ingestion and the household environment from potential pathogens. 

One (1) random test by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture was sampled 12/10/18 and revealed the presence of Salmonella in the Straight Beef Formula 4lb. Pounder for Dogs. Lystn requested a split sample of the product in question and while a confirmation of Salmonella was detected on the initial sample supplied by Nebraska, there was insufficient quantity to run all the quantitative tests. Lystn requested and received a subsequent larger quantity and all 4 samples tested negative for the presence of Salmonella. It is Lystn’s belief (as well as our science advisors) that the initial sample sent from Nebraska may have been cross contaminated in the lab, transport or elsewhere and should not be considered a representative sample. Even if Salmonella was present in the initial sample, equally important was that the quantification of Lactic Acid Bacteria in the subsequent samples was significant in quantity (greater than Log 7) confirming that our fermentation process was working and therefore evaluated as a safe product by Lystn’s team of scientists and advisors. 

Lystn’s Hurdle Technology and labeling addresses the concerns expressed by the FDA regarding product exposure and handling risks to children and immune compromised individuals, in that the good bacteria from the fermentation process continues to compete with bad bacteria, regardless of manner of exposure. Lystn’s labeling conspicuously identifies the products as being in the raw state and states – “For Pet Use Only: Not for human consumption. This product has not been pasteurized and may 

contain harmful bacteria.” The labeling also contains – “Safe Handling Instructions: Keep raw meat separate from other foods. Wash working surfaces, utensils, hands and any other items that come in contact with raw meat with hot soapy water.

We advised the FDA of Lystn’s extensive third party test results and science based evaluation that the food is safe and not a public health risk, in accordance with the assessment of an independent Ph.D. science expert in concurrence with Lystn’s science team. Nevertheless, the FDA proceeded to issue this Warning Notice without further consultation with Lystn. 

Many of our distributors, customers, and retailers alike understand Lystn’s use of competitive inhibition through the process of fermentation to protect our foods from pathogens. But, if after presenting our customers with our views, if a customer is uncomfortable with an ANSWERS’ product, they may return it (or any unused portion) to the place of purchase for a full refund. The Straight Beef Formula 4lb. Pounder for Dogs product comes in a cardboard milk carton box marked with lot code 2018 and a Best Use By Date (BUBD) of 02/08 20 sticker on the carton. The above referenced lot number and BUBD Lystn product was distributed at various times from 8/17/18 to 9/14/18 and sold through retail stores within the United States. 

ANSWERS Pet Food continues to be at the forefront as a leader in transparency and is committed to keeping you informed. We are in the process of creating a page on our website for the web and social media for our customers to go see the latest information concerning state and federal regulatory matters applicable to ANSWERS Pet Food and the raw pet food industry. To learn more about ANSWERS, our unique process, and the raw pet food industry, please visit our website at 

The above comments and observations by Lystn are the current view and understanding of Lystn and not intended to be a statement of law nor contain all details that may apply. Thank you for time and understanding. 

Lystn, LLC, Manufacturer of Answers Pet Food 

Roxanne Stone, VP of Quality Assurance/Quality Control (801) 707-2175 or 

How to transition your cat to a raw food diet in 5 steps

Slow and steady wins the race when you’re transitioning cats onto a raw food diet.

Cats can be extremely picky eaters. Because of this, we recommend following our 5 step plan for transitioning your cat onto an Answers™ raw food diet to achieve success. Some cats will take to Answers™ almost immediately, but some will require days to weeks to accept the diet.

Remember: never, ever try the “tough love” method when switching your cat’s foods. Because cats will actually starve themselves to death if unable to access food they like.

Answers™ 5-Step Feeding Transition Plan for Cats


Cats naturally will tend to gorge rather than graze. Begin the current feeding schedule regularly twice a day. Again, please remember: do not use the tough love method. Cats will starve themselves to death if denied access to foods they like.


Known as “imprint” eaters, cats have addictive natures. They become addicted to smell, texture, taste, size, shape, and temperature. Some cats will take to raw food immediately, but most will not. Have patience. Give yourself up to six months to transition.


Cats’ sense of smell is 14 times more powerful than that of humans. For this reason, introducing a new scent or smell to their food routine must be done very gradually. Under their usual kibble, place a tiny dab of room-temperature raw food. This will start to acclimate the cat to the new food scent. Be patient.


By gradually increasing the size of the raw food under their kibble, they will begin to associate the smell with their normal routine. They will eventually sample it, but the time frame for acceptance will naturally vary from cat to cat.


Even if they reject their initial sample the first several times, they’ll eventually start eating their raw food. Once they’re eating, start increasing the volume of raw food and decreasing their kibble until they’re eating 100% raw diet.

Again, always remember: with cats, slow and steady will win your race. Patience is everything.

Why it’s so worth it: 8 benefits of raw feeding for pets

. + Odorless breath and white teeth, free of tartar and dental disease
. +  Shiny, smooth, oil-free coats
. +  Healthy skin, odorless body
. +  Improved energy and vitality
. +  Chronic allergies and infections subside and/or disappear
. +  Decreased visits to the vet
. +  Reduction in bowel movements; ?stool is firm and nearly odorless
. +  Clear eyes and ears

Learn more about the many health benefits of a raw food diet for your cat or dog, including the benefits for kidney and liver health, as well as how it can help you deal  with issue like diabetes, pancreatitis, and more.

How fermentation makes our raw pet foods safe & nutritionally dense

Answers Pet Food™ enhances the nutritional value of raw food through the process of fermentation. We use a special process of fermentation to safely enhance organic raw whole foods.


Why fermentation?

Fermentation makes our raw pet foods safe, and nutritionally dense.

Here’s how. Fermentation produces a natural medicine known as bacteriocins, which destroy unwanted bacteria. By utilizing raw cultured whey, cultured raw goat milk, and kefir, we created our own category in the world of pet food.

We’ve become the first and only fermented raw pet food diet in the industry.

Fermentation is a safe, healthier option to standardized High Pressure Processing (HPP) or the use of bacteriophage. Fermentation is inoculated with billions of lactic acid bacteria, or good bacteria, that when faced with a compromised environment, is able to prohibit any pathogen from growing and becoming a concern.

Because our nutritional vision is to provide the safest, highest-quality, most nutrient-dense, microbially responsible raw food product on the market, our scientists found that the best way to accomplish this was by using fermented raw foods.

It is a nutritionally rich option for dogs and cats.


Fermentation’s gut health benefits

Good bacteria is needed to create a thriving gut, and yet we believe that bacteria is the number one missing ingredient in pet food.

We inoculate every one of our foods with this beneficial bacteria and allow the organisms to thrive. These bacteria go to work pre-digesting the food, making it easier for pets to assimilate nutrients.


Helps support immune function

Fermentation increases B-vitamins, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, and lactic acid that fight off harmful bacteria. Good bacteria fill up the food and also inhibit the growth of bad bacteria.

We call it “safety through inhibition” and it is the most natural and effective way for us to make our products as safe and as healthy as possible.

Just as nature has done it from the very beginning.