Detailed™ Formula: no need to add a thing to this complete nutrition raw food choice

Our Detailed™ Formula is easy to feed because it’s a totally complete raw food choice in wholefood form. You don’t add anything to Detailed; it’s complete nutrition as it comes, as Mother Nature intended.

Detailed is complete, from meat and carrots to kefir.

Just remember: It’s all in the Detailed.

Because we get so many questions about this, we want to share the facts about Detailed™ Formula foods, from our pet-loving family to yours.

Detailed Formula: Complete food as is.

Our nutritionists and food scientists specifically formulate all Detailed Formula foods to completely meet and exceed your pet’s daily nutritional needs.

Detailed is naturally high in taurine and moisture, bioavailable nutrients include digestive enzymes, naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, and billions of probiotics for optimal health, energy, and well-being. It contains natural vitamins; no synthetic vitamins need to be added.

Repeat: Because Detailed Formula has everything a pet needs for a complete, healthy diet, you do NOT need to add any supplements or vitamins, pills or powders. Detailed makes it easy for you to give your pets the proper nutrition they need, as nature intended.

It’s a complete and balanced pet diet.

Everything good, in one bowl.

Detailed is created for ease of use without the hassle of DIY calculations and messy preparations. It’s complete and balanced nutrition for pets in all life stages. It’s 100% grain-free and gluten-free, with no fillers.

Detailed is made of 90% pasture-raised meat, organ, and bone, and 10% whole food ingredients. Including: Organically raised raw meat (livestock is pasture-raised, grassfed and grass-finished). Fermented organic vegetables (organic carrots, broccoli, green and yellow squash, green beans, spinach). Organic eggs from pasture-raised hens. Fermented cod livers, which are a natural, wholesome replacement for the use of highly-processed fish oil. High-vitamin butter to provide vitamin K2. This is a fat-balanced food, too. It also contains high quality Celtic Sea Salt©.

To know:
. +  #1 ingredient is raw meat in a 60/30/10 ratio
. +  GAP-rated sourcing
. +  Fermented organic vegetables

So, although you may have heard that you may have to add foods or supplements to some other raw food choices, the good news is this: Detailed Formula by Answers isn’t like the others. It’s complete. And, our foods also do not contain anti-nutrients, which are compounds that can come from synthetic or natural sources like beans, legumes, grains and nuts– foods that aren’t found in a pet’s natural diet, and that can therefore be hard for them to digest.

Just serve it up. Filled with good nutrition, Detailed is ready for your pet’s bowl.

Easy, right? If you’re ready for excellent, absolutely complete pet nutrition, Details Formula is your answer.

Detailed Formula choices include:

Pork: sustainably raised on GAP Step® farms
Chicken: organic and pastured-raised
Turkey: organic and pastured-raised
Beef: grassfed and grass-finished

10 thoughts on “Detailed™ Formula: no need to add a thing to this complete nutrition raw food choice

  1. Joanne tank

    Thank you I just learned a great deal and feel so much better about feeding answers .
    Thanks for loving our animals and for taking care of the animals that feed out pets 🐾


  2. Patty Mattingly

    Can Answers be bought online or do I need to find a store that carries it? Feeders Supply here in Lexington Ky. only carries you Goats Milk.
    Thank you
    Patty Mattingly


    • Hi Shelia~ if you are looking for an additional nutritional aid, we highly recommend using our Fermented Fish Stock. Receiving these benefits are best when derived directly from a whole food source rather than a supplement.


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