Healthier Snacking: Raw Chicken Feet

Natural raw foods are such a healthy option for your pet. But what about your pets’ love of treats? We have that covered, too. Answers™ organic raw chicken feet are a great option from our treat selection. They aren’t beautiful, but they offer these amazing health benefits:

Good bacteria for oral health

+  Great to chew and gnaw on for healthy gums
+  Naturally scrapes teeth clean
+  Fermentation processing of the raw feet ensures that good bacteria is provided, to help prevent plaque from forming on teeth
+  Promotes dental, bone and joint health

CHICKEN_FEET_BOX_1200x675A wholesome choice, too

Our chicken feet are always a holistic and authentic fermented raw ingredient. A wholesome way to delivery nutrients, they:

+ Contain naturally occurring probiotics, vitamins, and minerals
+  Are sourced from organic chicken, that are pasture-raised, and humanely raised and handled
+ Provide live enzymes for maximum nutrient absorption