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Welcome to Answers, Dr. Doug!

“This isn’t just pet food, it’s medicine.”

Let your dog and cat know that we have big news here in Pennsylvania – we’re excited to say, “Welcome to Answers, Dr. Doug!” as we are joined by veterinarian Doug Knueven, DVM, CVA, CVC, CVCH , a longtime friend of animals through his work at the Beaver Animal Clinic.

Known as The Holistic Vet, Dr. Doug believes that “Holistic pet care is the safe, natural and effective way for a pet to maintain or regain health.” A noted author (“The Holistic Health Guide” and “Stand By Me: A Holistic Handbook for Animals, Their People, and the Lives They Share Together”), he can be heard discussing a wide range of subjects in podcasts on Pet Life Radio ( Dr. Doug also lecturers on the subject of pet care and pet health around the country at veterinary conferences and owner events.

If a human’s best friend is a dog or cat, to recall the famous old saying, then a great vet can be an animal’s best friend, too. We’re so pleased Dr. Doug is now part of our Answers family as Chief Veterinarian.

P.S. As Dr. Doug might add, his last name is pronounced “KNEEVEN.

Says Dr. Doug, “I am truly excited to be brought onboard the Answers team. Finally, I will get paid for doing what I’ve been doing for years, recommending the best in pet nutrition to my clients, and now to my veterinary colleagues. I can’t wait to get more involved with this innovative company as we work together to help holistic veterinarians help their patients with cutting-edge nutritional products. This isn’t just pet food, it’s medicine.”

About Dr. Doug, in his own words

A graduate of the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, my idea of health revolved around the mechanistic, Western model of medicine where there is a drug or surgery for just about every condition (never mind the side effects and surgical risks).

After a few years in practice I realized that things didn’t always go the way the textbooks said it would. I realized there had to be more to health and healing than what I was taught in vet school. This realization started me on my journey into holistic medicine.

I started with veterinary acupuncture as I had an interest in this therapy that was sparked by an after-hours lecture in vet school. After seeing the benefits of this strange healing modality, I completed courses in homeopathy, Chinese herbal medicine and chiropractic. I also joined the American Holistic Medical Association and through their conferences, continue to learn more about holistic pet health.

Today, for me the word health is more about lifestyle and less about what you go to the doctor to get.

As excited as I am about alternative medicine, I have not thrown the baby out with the bath water. I do see the value of Western medicine for certain situations. I practice integrative veterinary medicine which involves the use of the most appropriate treatment for the individual animal. As an integrative medicine practitioner, I have more tools in my kit to treat the many patients I see.

Pet health and the foods they eat

Along the way I also realized that any given patient was not going to heal if they were not being fed properly. This led me into my own research into animal nutrition. I soon abandoned much of what I had been taught about nutrition in veterinary school, as that information is highly influenced by the major pet food companies. From my research and decades of experience it is obvious to me that pets benefit from an evolution-based diet rather than the starch-rich, highly processed convenience pet foods most pet caregivers currently feed. Animals simply cannot be healthy if their bodies are not provided the raw materials and nutritional signals that are needed. The longer I have practiced veterinary medicine, the more convinced I am of the value of the Holistic-Integrative approach to pet health care.

I have been a holistic veterinarian since 1994 and a raw pet food advocate since 1998. I started specifically recommending Answers™ Raw Pet Foods for my patients in 2010 when the company launched its first products, I got on board with Answers because I was impressed with the exceptional quality of the ingredients, the science based balance of nutrients, the impeccable care of preparation, and most of all, the integrity of all those in the organization I have stuck with Answers over the years because of the consistent positive results I have seen in my patients.

“If pet patients are going to eat something, why not let their food be their medicine?”

The true genius of Answers food is their proprietary fermentation process which efficiently inhibits pathogens in the food and also reinforces a healthy gastrointestinal microbiome in the consumer. These foods effectively mimic the canine and feline ancestral diets which were far from sterile. It is clear to me from current research that probiotics are essential nutrients that are missing from other pet foods, both heat-processed and raw.

The only downside I have found with getting my patients on Answers foods is that often, within weeks of starting the diet, the pets no longer require the herbs, supplements, and other treatments I was planning to prescribe. Frequently, the signs of sickness melt away like a snowball on a hot stove.

The dietary protocols in the Answers handbook are based on a deep understanding of functional nutrition as well as the pathophysiology of common diseases. Equally important, these plans have been honed through years of careful, real-world application.

If pet patients are going to eat something, why not let their food be their medicine?

Answers ahead

My passion for pets and for true health (physical, mental and spiritual) is what my blog (visit his practice’s site,, is all about. Alongside this, I will be contributing regularly here on Answers’ own blog, Answers Beyond the Bowl ( A part of my work with Answers is being a consultant on product development and programs. I’m equally looking forward to participating in other discussions and information sharing as well.

Together we will explore pet health topics in holistic veterinary medicine as well as current events in the veterinary world. I hope to open a dialog with pet caregivers and veterinarians about these issues. Much of what I say may be controversial to some readers. I am all for healthy criticism and I love to hear different points of view. I do not claim to know it all and I plan to learn from the people who participate in the discussion as well.

I look forward to getting to know all of you and your pets as we continue this journey into improving the lives of our animal companions.

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6 comments on “Welcome to Answers, Dr. Doug!

  1. Happy to see you join Answers!

  2. Marianne English

    This is a wonderful new step in the growth of Answers. I have also helped my holistic/ western medicine veterinarian, Dr.Curt Heyde to endorse, use, recommend Answers. His pets are raw fed and he consults with me to help his patients transition to Answers. He sends many clients to speak with me at Braxtons Animal Works on a regular basis. Dr. Doug sounds like a perfect fit.

  3. What a wonderful addition to the Answers family! Welcome, Dr. Doug Kneuven!!! I heard Dr. Kneuven speak during a Raw Roundup event sponsored by Dogs Naturally.

    My passion is and always has been about better nutrition and wellness for our beloved dogs.
    Back in 2014-2015, I was deep into research on raw commercial foods to feed my own goldens and to bring into my store, Godfrey’s-Welcome to Dogdom, in south east Pennsylvania.

    I was not satisfied with anything on the market. Then I found Answers in 2015 and I was very impressed and intrigued with their fermentation process as well as their products, knowledge, transparency, support, and determination to do the right thing. I met with Jacqueline Hill and hosted Lunch and Learns at the store. Then met Billy Hoekman and Roxanne Stone and hosted additional events. I was fortunate to be invited on their farm tour to see how they do what they do.

    I am a canine wellness advocate and we have been able to improve the health and wellness of so many dogs over these years, educating people about better ways to feed. They, in turn, take the leap of faith and trust to incorporate Answers products, and other high-quality well-researched items into their dog’s diet.

  4. Susanne Andriano

    Welcome to the Family, we are happy to “meat” you and thrill to see a vet MD involved! May we march forward, if we can’t save them all, we can make a difference for the ones we save!

  5. Julie Tirinnanzi

    Dr Doug’s arrival should expand your ability to treat specific conditions. I do homeopathic and holistic treatment for my dogs. Welcome to Dr. Doug!

  6. Luanna Mowbray

    I sure miss taking my cats to see Dr. Kneuven; but now I’m over 1,000 miles away from Pennsylvania. I could tell that Dr Kneuven truly cares about his patients and I trusted his advise. When my male cat had a urinary blockage and I took him to PVSEC and the X-ray showed that he had a stone. I made an appointment with Dr. Kneuven and he recommended raw food. I started my cat on Answers detail for cats & goats milk. The follow up appointment after about 3+ months with no issues of urinary problems; the ultrasound showed the my cat no longer had a stone. After about a year of only using Answers, I decided to try another raw food, but unfortunately my male cat had urinary problems again. Therefore, Answers is the only food for my cats and a newly adopted dog and they are all doing well!
    I’ve been to Dr. Kneuven’s seminar on vaccinations and nutrition for pets and Answers’ seminar on pet nutrition. I believe that Answers Pet Food and Dr. Doug Kneuven are the perfect match for the future of pet health.

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