Raw Organic Chicken Feet: A Closer Examination

Fermented raw organic chicken feet consist of bones, skin, and tendons, but no muscles. They are packed with valuable collagen, protein, calcium, cartilage, gelatin, and glucosamine that are easily absorbed and beneficial for your pet. They are also an excellent source of chondroitin, and when paired with glucosamine, they possess an even more beneficial effect on joints.

Fermentation delivers a diverse population of live active beneficial bacteria in their natural environment, and significantly enhances the nutritional value of raw food. There are some wonderful health benefits that come along with it, such as preventing plaque from forming on the teeth and gums and improving overall oral health.

Our company ethics, standards and practice is ensuring all of our animals live in their natural habitat, eating their native diets. Chickens, especially pastured organic chickens that are allowed to run and forage in fields, can develop calluses on their feet due to walking on rocky pastures. This is often confused with a condition called Bumblefoot— a lesion that is more than half of the area of the footpad with major swelling and ulceration also present.



Exactly what constitutes a true “bumblefoot infection” as opposed to a simple scab or small benign lesion on the foot? Consulting veterinarians advised that the small lesions seen on some of our chicken feet are not an indication of a bumblefoot infection, rather a bumblefoot infection is a much worse condition having severe lesions or abscesses.

As a part of our high standards in quality assurance, and ruling out any bumblefoot infections, we consulted with one of our food safety advisors who has 30 years of experience in the broiler chicken industry and sent some samples of our chicken feet with lesions out to an independent microbiology laboratory. If there was bumblefoot infection present it would test positive for the Staphylococcus bacteria or it’s residual toxin. All of our samples tested (before and after we fermented them) were negative.


Fermented raw organic chicken foot with a callus

In varying terrain and open fields and pastures, normal paws will vary in color, overall appearance, size of the footpad and may sometimes have small lesions or healed skin.

We choose not to remove these calluses, as many companies will for cosmetic reasons. We believe pets should receive the most natural and complete nutrients like they would in the wild by keeping their natural state intact.