May 19th Answers Update- Commitment to Quality and Consistency

Thank you for your patience as Answers Pet Food has been diligently working to best address and respond to the recent changes in management within our company. APF has benefitted from the talent and passion of these team members in the past and wishes them well. However, above all else is our desire to assure you, our valued customers, that APF is here to stay, grow, and continue to provide all of the quality products you and your pets have grown to love. We remain steadfast to our tradition and commitment to provide you and your pet family members with the quality products you expect and deserve. Our raw materials, ingredients, sourcing, production, and logistics have not changed. Our valued farmers and employees remain, as always, committed to our mission to produce the best raw pet food on the market.

Please see this important message below from Tim Ahern, APF’s Food Safety and Compliance Consultant since 2018. Thank you for your continued support of our quality product.

“I have been working as a third-party Consultant for Lystn LLC, makers of Answers Pet Food Products, for over 2.5 years. Working for Lystn as a consultant, it is essential that my commitment to product safety, consistency, and quality are never compromised in any manner. The safety and nutritional values of the products are absolutely tied together as the products’ food safety is intrinsic and its components or ingredients work synergistically to ensure product safety. I will continue to ensure that product quality and formulation integrity will not be compromised. Records of production are monitored daily as part of the food safety programs. To secure consumer confidence, we review every batch of food monitoring the formulas and percentage values ensuring nutritional compliance safety and quality for the customer.

Furthermore, in review of some of the misleading information that I am seeing getting out to the public in reference to APF products changing, from a third party non-biased perspective and being responsible for product integrity, there will not be any changes to the products unless the intended changes will increase the nutritional values and safety of the product. Under my direct overseeing there have been no changes in the processes and ingredients of APF products.”


-Tim Ahern

Food Safety and Compliance Consultant

3 thoughts on “May 19th Answers Update- Commitment to Quality and Consistency

  1. Barbara Allen

    I have fed a raw diet for over twenty years. In the last two years I have exclusively fed Answers products, and will continue to do so as long as they are available.


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