Response to Questions & Concerns Received by ANSWERS Pet Food

Will ANSWERS Pet Food continue to supply raw goat milk?
Yes, ANSWERS Pet Food will continue to supply raw goat’s milk.

Will certain products be eliminated?
There is no intention of discontinuing anything from the existing product line that we are already supplying.

Will ANSWERS Pet Food continue to supply fish and turkey stock?
Yes, as answered in the last question, ANSWERS pet Food plans on continuing to supply fish and turkey stock.

Will there be a change in packaging?
There currently is no plan to change packaging.

Please address product availability and consistency concerns?
Due to the COVID 19, supply interruptions and labor shortages in the industry, product availability has been a challenge, but should be getting better as many government restrictions get relaxed or lifted. ANSWERS Pet Food uses many local farmers for much of our sourcing and has its own manufacturing facility and therefore does not have to rely on third parties to produce all of our products and therefore we have much greater ability to respond to shortages than many companies that outsource all of their production.

ANSWERS Pet Food is very aware of the shortages in supply of our products, and besides the labor and raw material matters discussed above, shortages are also due to growing demand for our products. ANSWERS Pet Food is again working on both short- and long-term steps to better grow and handle increasing demands, but ANSWERS Pet Food will not sacrifice quality or control over production of products.

Regarding product consistency, there should not be any changes. Having said this, for nearly 12 years there has always been slight variances in product consistency which is natural with fermented raw food.

Will you be moving to HPP?
No, ANSWERS Pet Food does not intend to use High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP). ANSWERS Pet Food intends to continue to use our very effective “Hurdle Technology” which includes our proven fermentation protection of the food.

Is there plans for any ingredient changes, changes to the formulation or sourcing of the foods and additional products?
ANSWERS Pet Food remains committed to its core values and mission to provide only the highest quality of pet products to its distributors, retail stores and end-use pet owners. There are currently no intended changes in ingredients, formulation, or typical sourcing of the foods.

However as previously stated, because of COVID 19 and other sourcing supply impact problems, it is not uncommon for acceptable and allowable substitutes of protein sourcing, organ meat suppliers, trim, and other formulation components to be adjusted and/or substituted as has been done routinely over the past 12 years, which continues to meet our quality specifications and regulatory requirements. ANSWERS has numerous resources for high quality sourcing that are often used, which have been used in the past, present and will be used in the future. It is not uncommon for such formulation and sourcing adjustments and/or substitutions to be made and if new additional sourcing resources are added, ANSWERS intends to continue to be transparent in where and from whom it buys its ingredients from. ANSWERS Pet Food continues to use our formulas as used in the past and present. If significant changes are made in ingredients and/or formulation, ANSWERS Pet Food is required to create new labeling over a given period of time.

Retailers are feeling blindsided, why was there not advanced notice of some of the actions that are being reported?
The management of ANSWERS Pet Food only received notice of Jacqueline and Roxanne’s resignations late in the day on Monday, April 26, 2021. The Company is doing its best to provide notice and will continue to provide updates when able to do so.

What changes are expected to the production of food?
As previously mentioned, ANSWERS Pet Food has its own food production/manufacturing facility, overseen by a Food Safety Consultant that is consistently implementing improvements to ensure safety, quality control and assurance, as well as regulatory compliance. Our Food Safety Consultant oversees our HACCP program (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) to identify and manage food safety related risks to be able to provide our customers, the public and regulatory agencies assurance that a food safety program is well managed. Many plants our size does not make such a large investment in such consulting services for oversight. In addition, every year ANSWERS Pet Food makes significant investment in food production equipment and plant improvements. The Company is not aware of any significant changes planned to the production of our food.

Will ANSWERS Pet Food provide pet health concern protocols?
The staff of ANSWERS Pet Food are not licensed Veterinarians and is not allowed by law to disperse pet medical advice. ANSWERS Pet Food recommends you consult with your own Veterinarian that you feel comfortable with for advice in addressing health concerns regarding your pet(s).

As to handling, feeding and other non-medical product related recommendations regarding our products, ANSWERS Pet Food will continue to make suggestions and provide literature to our end-use customers where allowed by regulatory agencies. ANSWERS Pet Food will continue our best efforts to provide great customer support services, trying to mitigate interruptions and/or delays with current staffing shortages as previously discussed from COVID 19 and recent operational staffing changes.