How to transition your cat to a raw food diet in 5 steps

Slow and steady wins the race when you’re transitioning cats onto a raw food diet.

Cats can be extremely picky eaters. Because of this, we recommend following our 5 step plan for transitioning your cat onto an Answers™ raw food diet to achieve success. Some cats will take to Answers™ almost immediately, but some will require days to weeks to accept the diet.

Remember: never, ever try the “tough love” method when switching your cat’s foods. Because cats will actually starve themselves to death if unable to access food they like.

Answers™ 5-Step Feeding Transition Plan for Cats


Cats naturally will tend to gorge rather than graze. Begin the current feeding schedule regularly twice a day. Again, please remember: do not use the tough love method. Cats will starve themselves to death if denied access to foods they like.


Known as “imprint” eaters, cats have addictive natures. They become addicted to smell, texture, taste, size, shape, and temperature. Some cats will take to raw food immediately, but most will not. Have patience. Give yourself up to six months to transition.


Cats’ sense of smell is 14 times more powerful than that of humans. For this reason, introducing a new scent or smell to their food routine must be done very gradually. Under their usual kibble, place a tiny dab of room-temperature raw food. This will start to acclimate the cat to the new food scent. Be patient.


By gradually increasing the size of the raw food under their kibble, they will begin to associate the smell with their normal routine. They will eventually sample it, but the time frame for acceptance will naturally vary from cat to cat.


Even if they reject their initial sample the first several times, they’ll eventually start eating their raw food. Once they’re eating, start increasing the volume of raw food and decreasing their kibble until they’re eating 100% raw diet.

Again, always remember: with cats, slow and steady will win your race. Patience is everything.

Why it’s so worth it: 8 benefits of raw feeding for pets

. + Odorless breath and white teeth, free of tartar and dental disease
. +  Shiny, smooth, oil-free coats
. +  Healthy skin, odorless body
. +  Improved energy and vitality
. +  Chronic allergies and infections subside and/or disappear
. +  Decreased visits to the vet
. +  Reduction in bowel movements; ?stool is firm and nearly odorless
. +  Clear eyes and ears

Learn more about the many health benefits of a raw food diet for your cat or dog, including the benefits for kidney and liver health, as well as how it can help you deal  with issue like diabetes, pancreatitis, and more.

Our unique process sets us apart in the pet food industry

We use fermentation to safely enhance organic wholefoods.

Our nutritional vision is to make the best pet food available. We found that the best way to accomplish this was by using fermented raw foods. Since the birth of our company in 2009, we have enjoyed organic growth all over the country thanks to the fantastic results of pets switching from processed, raw or so-called raw foods to our fermented diet.

Why fermentation?

Unlike any other raw diet, Answers Pet FoodTM enhances the nutritional value of raw food through the process of fermentation. It’s a safe, healthier option to standardized HPP. Fermentation produces a natural medicine known as bacteriocins, which destroy unwanted bacteria. By utilizing kombucha (fermented organic decaffeinated green tea), raw cultured whey, cultured raw goat’s milk, and kefir, we created our own category by becoming the first and only fermented raw pet food diet in the industry.

A fermentation benefit: good bacteria.

Good bacteria is needed to create a thriving gut, and we believe that bacteria is the number one missing ingredient in pet food. We inoculate every one of our foods with this beneficial bacteria and allow the organisms to thrive. These bacteria go to work pre-digesting the food, making it easier for pets to assimilate nutrients.

Fermentation helps support immune function; it increases B-vitamins, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, and lactic acid that fight off harmful bacteria. Good bacteria fill up the food and also inhibit the growth of bad bacteria. Safety through inhibition—just like nature has done from the very beginning.

Fermentation is the most natural and effective way for us to make our products as safe and healthy as possible.

From Farm to Bowl

We knew there needed to be a higher level of quality nutrition, food bioavailability, and a more humane way to source farm animals in the pet food industry.

Knowing the state of operations and quality of food that were currently on the shelves, we didn’t want to be a large, industrial corporation that outsourced materials, or one of the so-called raw food companies employing harsh processing techniques like high pressure processing or freeze-drying.

We knew it was time to offer a humane, sustainable way of organic, pasture-raised farming that protects the food state, environment, animals, and our pets’ well-being. From farm to bowl, this is how Answers Pet FoodTM was created.

Our standards are set both by science and by socially and environmentally conscious principles. We’d like pet owners to re-examine how to meet their pets’ nutrition requirements and health care needs.

Our mission is to be more than a pet food manufacturing company, but an ethical, social,
environmentally conscious and best-practices-based movement in the raw pet food industry. And our goal is to improve the probability that our pets live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

Beyond the Bowl was created to meet the needs of our pet parents that were looking to us for guidance on nutrition, feeding practices, health concerns, current and upcoming events, and sharing advanced medical news and research in the holistic pet health care industry.